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Medallion Necklace Rhea

Cecilia Ribeiro


Rhea Collection - Limited edition
Rhea is associated with a female charge and a very intense maternal instinct. Rhea is known as the mother who protects, the woman who seduces filled with patience and expertise.
The Rhea Medallion is a delicate but extravagant piece. The cork textured details that contrast with the firm round metal thread.
Materials: Brushed alloy and gold plated; Cork
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92.25 €



Cecilia Ribeiro
Contemporary Jewelry Design
The view about what Cecilia Ribeiro makes, renews and gives us another look, more innovative and more current, being its form contemporary, about the Lusitan soul and tradition based on materials so natural and proper to Portugal.
The search for ways innate maintained the appearance of cork and natural organic latter possesses only being possible, consistent with the addition of a brushed alloy, gold or silver plated in order to maintain the stability and structure, hardening the workpiece, but it also picking up the contrasts in the same.
Altogether, this process allows to keep all the natural beauty and textured of cork, creating a composition resistant to wear and of a natural harmony.
Each piece represents the whole soul of the material, as it is extracted from nature, seeking to convey his subtle feminine delicacy. Each piece is decorated with different materials and their origins are equally natural, adding freshwater pearls, volcanic stones, among others.
The warm hues remind us of wheat fields, the warm soul and flooded the setting of the sun warm, the people's voice cheerful and affable, a Lusitan Soul, a Portuguese material.

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