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Earrings "Fado"



“FADO” collection
Take fado into the future, transported by the voices of the Portuguese: Portugal’s fado singers.
With sensuality and charm, the voice gains expression, beauty and depth, materializing in the Fado collection.  
Silver gilt and Filigree  
Handmade art 
Limited Edition
No returns or exchanges are accepted

240.00 €


SYO – Luxury Product Design
SYO is a Portuguese brand that promises to revolutionize the luxury market.
It is a unique experience of sensations through unique and exclusive products that are inspired by Portuguese heritage, culture and traditions.
We need our spirits to burst forth with pride and Portuguese passion!
The designer, Sylvie Castro, who is intensely passionate about life and art, possesses an incredible energy derived from a belief in her ideas, her projects and in Portugal.
The beauty of forms and of people, a camera, a book, a film, a journey immersed in history, culture and heritage, all of these keep her in high spirits.
For Sylvie, design falls between vice and desire: the vice of dreaming and desire for that dream.
The creation of “SYO – Luxury Product Design” is a dream come true!

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