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Fruits of Paradise Infusion Teapocket

Tia Minda


A new concept of tea – the teapocket – a little tube you can take anywhere!
We want the teapocket to be your new daily companion, so you can flavor your favorite tea anytime and anywhere!
The teapocket comes in various flavors and each package allows preparing several servings of tea!  
Appreciate the aromas and flavors of this mixture without caffeine and with a fantastic selection of fruits.  
Ingredients: Pieces of apple, pineapple and papaya, hibiscus flowers, wild roses and cornflower and natural flavors of peach and melon.
Weight: 9gr.
Preparation: 4-7min at 70 °C 

2.50 €


Tia Minda – Tradições Gourmet (Gourmet Traditions) is a brand of regional Portuguese products.
The brand mission is to disseminate products and traditions, at the national and international level, offering their clients an opportunity to experience sensations characteristic of the high seacoast lands.
With this idea in mind and a great sense of social responsibility, the products of the Tia Minda brand, are manufactured by local producers, using traditional and artisanal techniques, giving the products an inimitable quality, allowing those who consume them to experience a connection to sensations, translated in a single phrase: Flavors with feeling!

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