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Cup of espresso "The Whistler"

Alma Gémea


"The Whistler" is the largest and one of the oldest oak trees in the world and is located in the Portuguese Alentejo region.
This special tree now gives name to this range of products: a tea set that embraces the cork ceramics exactly as it embraces the cork oak wood, and shapes are inspired by the traditional pottery of Alentejo.
Designer: Raquel Castro
Dimensions: 6.5x7 cms

5.75 €



Amorim Cork Composites
The Soul Mate collection in the result of the partnership between matceramica and Amorim cork composites.
Two companies of reference in the aera of homeware items united synergies in creating developing, commercializing andd producing this collection consisting of a range of products that combine cork and ceramics in a contemporary approach. 

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