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Green melon bowl

Margarida Gorgulho


Melon bowl with green interior
Dimensions: Length 19 x 11.5 depth x height 11

34.80 €


Porcelain Objects.
The material determines the form and function of objects, and porcelain, as my chosen material, conditions all my work.
These pieces are characterized by their materials, with their simple and organic forms, textures and colors.
These are utilitarian pieces decorated with colorful glazes inside.
The exteriors are unglazed, bringing out the properties of porcelain: delicacy, resistance, translucence, and impermeability.
Surprise Fruits: Lemon, Melon, Cantaloupe, Pomegranate. At first sight they seem only to be decorative fruits.
Actually, they are reproductions of natural fruits, that only porcelain can manage to reproduce.
On touching them, we are surprised by their texture, materials, and dual function.
When they are open, they are two isolated cups; closed, they are boxes for keeping...surprises.

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