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Amália Rodrigues – Antologie

SevenMuses, MusicBooks


Format: BOOK4CD (Cover: 25,5cm x 15cm)
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English and French
Selling points:
. Special limited edition in BOOK4CD.
. One of the most complete works, the only one featuring 100 of the greatest songs of the artist.
. Book with a biography in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.
. Unpublished and exclusive photos from Peter Machado including in the cover, the mysterious “photo of glow”.
. Restored and mastered in HD audio.
Fado – UNESCO’s World Heritage

27.20 €


This special limited edition presents 100 of Amália’s finest recordings in 4CD: Fado, Cinema e Teatro, Fado e Canção and Olympia e Espanhol, fully recovered, restored and digitally mastered in high definition.
The book includes a multilingual biography in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French.
The artwork features unreleased and exclusive footage by the photographer Peter Machado, including the mysterious “photo of glow” in the cover.
Amália Rodrigues was an actress, a singer and a fado singer, being the main figure of the Portuguese culture in the 20th century.
Amália became known worldwide as the Voice of Portugal or The Queen of Fado and was considered by the international media one of the world’s top 4 divas.
Amália’s star quality led her to perform in the main venues all over the world and to receive remarkable prizes.
”Yes, I question everything, I am fadista!” ”My life was guided by my voice, it was the stream of my voice that took her (…) It is really a strange way of life.” ”I sing because I like to, otherwise I would not be sincere with myself. I feel good singing, I feel a message.” Amália Rodrigues (1920 – 1999) 

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