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Fado Portugal, 200 years of fado

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Format: BOOK2CD
Languages: Portuguese / English
Special edition celebrating 200 years of fado.
Hardcover printed in gold with 240 full colour pages.
2CD free with 50 fados well representative of traditional and contemporary fado.
First book gathering the history of fado in a factual perspective and a guide with fado houses abroad.
Detailed portrait of contemporary fado from 90’s on.

30.50 €


New fado singers in absolute debut.
Audio restoring and mastering in HD.
Exclusive photography of Susana Pereira.
Fado - UNESCO’s World Heritage
The Project FADO PORTUGAL is a special concept which includes a book and 50 fados in 2 CD for free. This deluxe edition celebrates 200 years of fado and has an English version so that every enthusiast of this fascinating Portuguese music genre around the world can enjoy it.
This book intends to give a brief overview on fado, taking you in a chronological journey through its history and its leading figures from the most primitive origins to the 21st century.
This project was the result of an extensive research work through the available information, crossing several information in a factual perspective.
In this fado short story we can comprehend its morphological definition and musical expression, the various possible origins, its appearance from the 20’s of the 19th century to its arrival to the aristocratic salons, its evolution through the 20th century – from the arrival to the world stages and theatres in the 30’s & 40’s and its apogee with the definitive internationalization in the 50’s & 60’s, having Amália Rodrigues as its firstfigure.
The history continues in the less proliphic 70’s & 80’s, and through the new fado of the 90’s, reaching a new generation of interpreters that took fado to the new Millennium.
The book FADO PORTUGAL also includes a fado guide with the finest fado houses in Portugal and abroad, emblematic places to visit, some recommended web sites and a suggestion of 10 important records, books and films. This project is accompanied with exclusive footage by Susana Pereira and text by Samuel Lopes.
The 2 CD that make part of this book take you on a journey from tradition to modern days, being the first CD – Fado Tradicional, dedicated to experience and tradition, having most of the songs belonging between the 30’s and 60’s, by consecrated artists, where one can listen to some of the most beautiful fado songs ever sung.
In the second CD – Fado Contemporâneo participate artists from the generations from the 90’s until the 21st century, including some of the major artists and other emerging values.
Discovery is a part of this adventure, so we launched a challenge over a social network, through which we found new talents from all the way across Portugal, some of them making here their phonographic debut.
Both CD’s have gone through a process of audio recovery and mastering in high definition, using the ultimate generation software to aloud a truthful listening experience as possible.
The FADO PORTUGAL book CD intends to promote fado globally, providing a listening of two distinct eras of fado.
A journey through fado’s rich history and a guide of this Portuguese genre that has delighted the world.

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