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Zé Povinho (Joe Public)

Bordallo Pinheiro


It was in the 5th edition of the magazine A Lanterna Mágica on June 12th 1875 that Zé Povinho (Joe Public) was born, a sarcastic mirror of the Portuguese people with their vices and their opportunistic craftiness. From drawn caricatures to its perpetuation in earthenware, Zé Povinho is the most emblematic creation of Bordallo and the most accurate metaphor of our collective character.

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Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro (Artistic Earthenware) was founded in 1884 with a view to revitalising the traditional arts of ceramics and clay, blending them with the modernity of various styles which are geared towards the future, but, above all, with the originality of their creator, Raphael Bordallo Pinheiro.
And so was spawned the mass production of pieces which, until today, could not be dissociated from our mindset and cultural references of a universal nature.
Bordallo paid attention to all the details in the construction of his largest project: from the choice of the site, the lush framework where springs burst forth and with two clay-pits, to the construction of the primary school for the workers’ children in the factory space on the grass.
The passion and creativity put into the work, social conscience, humour and transgression of preconceived ideas lent the company a notable quality, making it responsible for a legacy of great value.
An artistic and historic heritage which has now been redeemed by the acquisition of Faianças Artísticas Bordallo Pinheiro by Visabeira Indústria.
Continuing to use a large part of centuries-old techniques in the reproduction of the models, Faianças Bordallo Pinheiro is continuing to recover an irreplaceable legacy.
Concurrently, and driven on by the same pioneering spirit, it is an innovative company, creating products of a contemporary nature and reinforcing its prestige on the various markets in which it is present.
To stimulate the creativity, innovation and excellence of the production of decorative and utilitarian earthenware, deploying traditional environments and motifs and adapting them to modern requirements.
To maintain the integrity of past and the present, with the concern to strengthen its identity, offer and quality.

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