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Traditional Portuguese goldsmithery has a notably religious inspiration and the heart of Viana is no exception.
Currently used as a symbol for the city of Viana do Castelo in the north of the country, the heart emerged in Portugal after the establishment of the worship of the Sacred Heart of Jesus towards the end of the 18th century.
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António Cardoso Filigranas
Filigree is an ancient goldsmithery technique that consists of interlacing gold or silver threads to create circular or spiralled patterns. Its precise origin is unknown, emerging in Portugal with the pre-Roman civilizations that inhabited the area In the middle ages there were great advancements in the technique, however, it was not until after the 17th century that modern Portuguese filigree emerged.
Filigree workers apply knowledge passed down from generation to generation. An example of this is António Cardoso, who began his professional career at only seven years old. Under the watchful gaze of his father, he learned the technique that, together with his wife, Rosa Cardoso, he now applies in his workshop. And thanks to such famous figures as Sharon Stone, the tradition is gaining popularity outside of Portugal.
The works of art that they produce are entirely handmade and are a lasting symbol of popular Portuguese culture.

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