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Rendezvous cake plate large

Alma Gémea


Rendezvous is the meet that allows surrender to the charm and pleasure of sharing time and stories.
To create memories and bonds that bring other memories - memories that make you dream.
Designed from the quirky and unique fusion between two of the numerous Mediterranean traditions, cork and earthenware merge the same concept and are reborn with a new flavor.
Surrender to this range is challenging and thrilling with the expression of contemporary design.
Designer: Francisco Vieira Martins
Cake plate L - 35x7 cms

24.75 €


Amorim Cork Composites
The Soul Mate collection in the result of the partnership between matceramica and Amorim cork composites.
Two companies of reference in the aera of homeware items united synergies in creating developing, commercializing andd producing this collection consisting of a range of products that combine cork and ceramics in a contemporary approach.

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