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Sardines in Olive Oil

JOSE Gourmet


The sardines strolled along the atlantic coast, caressing, up shore, down shore. And, from laughing, stretching, shaking and wriggling so much…the coast became as we know it to be today. 
Canned food with Portuguese flavors, made ​​like they used to be in the ancient times, combined with a differentiator design.
Artisanal Production

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JOSE Gourmet
JOSE is an old name. A common name. A special name. In history we find, for example, Joseph of Nazareth, and we can find over the centuries and continents signs of this name loaded with meaning.
Recently, the best of Portugal is associated with the name José José Mourinho in football or José Saramago literature are two examples.
The JOSE Gourmet stands out by combining the distinctive design with the quality that accompanies it.
Olives trees from the north to south of Portugal, to the “aguardente” of Lourinhã or the canned fish from our coast.
Artisan Production
Some examples: fruit compote is selected and hand peeled...
The preserves are made ​​like they used to be in the old times, with slow artisan production and more manpower...
 This is a tendency for the future.
Escaping the transgenic and everything that comes along with it.
Portugal is in a privileged position.
What we have and produce is valued by these niches.
Maybe now more than ever.

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