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"Porto psicadélico" lamp



Collection "Porto"
In a very unique style, Rodofo Bispo portrays the most important monument of the city of Oporto, in a frantic and crazy journey, where color is queen.
This is the experience of visiting Oporto, condensed into a single moment, fleeting and unrepeatable.
Support can be white or black
Product size - Ø15x42, 5cm
Weight - 790 gr
Package size - Ø14x31cm alt.

59.95 €



ILUZTRA® is a young brand, 100% portuguese, that comes from a will of creating a new creative product for the souvernir market. The table lamp and the shade are a perfect symbiosis between lighting design and illustration, carrying along memories of portuguese culture and heritage.
"See Portugal through other eyes" is the claim for a perfect gift that reminds of Portugal, decorating your place weather you're portuguese our from other country with art and innovating design.
Everything is made in Portugal, from the concept to all the production, and the illustrators themselves, that give us their own vision about our themes.

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