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Wicked Crow

Laboratório d'Estórias


Crow with natural brass feet
The Wicked crow is a representation of depiction, in stoneware, glazed and decorated, according to the traditional use of the manual dipping technique and painting on glass.
Enhanced with feet molded of natural or aged brass, according to the manual molding process in a sand mold.
A purely decorative piece.
Packaging: Microchannelled cardboard box, wrapped with a paper strip telling its whole story  

39.50 €



Telling the story of a different Portugal.
This was the spirit that, in June of 2013, created the Laboratório d’Estórias (The Story Lab): an experimental design space that takes inspiration from stories of Portuguese popular culture to reinvent traditional objects, using them to tell new stories and to recreate the country’s history.
The Wicked Crow
At the tavern door he stayed
And even learned to speak
 And so the crow
Enjoyed his victory
Seeing the ladies passing by
Some with chubby legs
And others thin and lithe;
To be fair to everyone
He gave them each a peck
That was what he had learned
From the lady of the tavern
But unhappy with his fado guitar
 Decided to pull someone’s leg
“I who was chosen guardian
Of this city when
I protected the nation’s first king
From the storm
Now am I destined
To become a ruffian?
”And the crow said: “No.”
And without any notice
Stretched out his wing
And made up his mind:
“I’m going now” – and departed!
So ends this story
But in Lisbon remains
As symbol of his glory
Nothing of the tavern, or his memory!
Still there are some who say:
“There goes Saint Vincent
Who has nothing of saintliness!
No one in Lisbon, ladies or girls Escaped his beak!"

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