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Salt and pepper cheese

Loja do Sal


The cheese refers to the product’s format; it is 100% natural humid salt, which is molded in a wedge, exposed to the sun, and later carried to the oven.
This an original way to present salt at the table, with the advantage of using 100% natural salt in a more controlled and individualized way with all the flavor of Fonte Salina Gourmet salt.

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LOJA DO SAL is a 100% family company and with products of 100% Portuguese origin.
The history of four generations reflects the values and the respect for traditions, establishing its own space more than 150 years ago. The passion for origins, strictness, and expertise allied with the best of nature, make the gourmet rock salt and all its derivatives a perfect harmony of flavors and knowledge.
The setting and origin of the only inland salt pans in the country:
. The natural rock salt mines of Rio Maior are set in the heart of the Serras de Aire and Candeeiros Natural Park, where the only Gourmet Rock Salt in the country is produced;
· The origin of this halite, or sodium chloride, dates back 205 million years in the area of Rio Maior
· These salt sources originate from the water table coming into contact with the halite and with the calcareous areas near this land;
· The Arab presence made exploration more productive with the coming of some techniques such as the shovels and pails still used today. The presence of the buckets suspended from poles next to the shaft became a reference for the process of artisanal collection;
· the Romans would eventually become the first to explore the salt pans, and even today, the architecture of the salt mines is a point of reference in Roman history.
· the oldest document dates back to 1177, when Pedro de Aragão and his wife Sancha Soares sold to the Templars a fifth of the salt shaft and mines of Rio Maior;
· The percentage of chlorides allows using less than any other salt; its intense flavor enhances the taste of foods, and a reduction in daily intake of salt is a benefit to public health;
· The quality of the water, much saltier than that of the sea; the means of artisanal production; the natural crystallization process; the unique and protected environment, plus the nutritional quality system make Fonte Salina Gourmet LOJA DO SAL a culinary reference point.
Considered among the best salts, it represents international excellence.
Fonte Salina Gourmet salt is distinguished in part by the high percentage of sodium chloride, allowing lower use than any other salt.
Its intense flavor enhances the taste of foods and a reduction in daily salt intake is a benefit for public health.
The history and traditions, the whiteness and the purity of this 100% natural salt classifies it among the best in the world.
Collected through artisanal procedures, carefully packaged without any additional processing, Fonte Salina gourmet salt enhances your recipes with the flavor you always wanted.

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